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Yoga with Julia

Magical Yoga Retreats in Bali


About Julia

I was born on a snowy Monday morning in 1991............haha kidding, let`s fast forward :) After a peaceful childhood, I had no idea what to do with my life when I turned 18 and had to make a decision about my future. As the child of academics, university seemed like the best otipon so I became a Horticultural Engineer and did my major in Herbal and Medicinal Plants. After a few jobs that never brought what I was hoping for, I moved to Manchester, England at 24 and started working hard to build financial stability for myself. During this time I started doing yoga - my best friend said I can do 10 minutes of yoga at home from youtube, so I gave it a try. The daily 10 minutes slowly became 20 - 30 - 45 - 60 - then 90 minutes or more. I was hooked. A few months in and I knew I wanted to know more, go deeper and potentially teach! I had a crazy year of saving every penny I could and finally made it to India to my 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training in April 2017. 

Everything has changed. The life I lived has suddenly seemed different. The relationship I was in suddenly felt different. The diet I was following suddenly changed. My yoga practice has suddenly took a 180 degree turn. Don`t get me wrong, no magic has happened visibly and I had no idea what to do when I came out of training, but these changes started brewing deep inside me and they were unstoppable. Slowly slowly the changes took place in my life - they came with a lot of overcoming fears, letting go of ideas I was holding onto. They also came with a lot of risks, tears, but also laughter and feeling of liberation.


And this is how the `Living in Bali` chapter happened in January 2018. One backpack, one suitcase, and a very scared chick arrived to the `Land of Gods`. I started working for a company, organising yoga teacher trainings and assisting on them. The more time I spent at trainings, the more I felt a calling to lead people towards a mindful practice of asana, and the kind of yoga that pulls you back from your inner chatter & the business of life, and puts you in a state of bliss. The bliss that`s within you, waiting to be lived BY YOU. So here I am, now organising workshops and retreats around the world, to bring you physical aligment in your body and bliss to your soul.


slow down



Magical Yoga Retreat in Bali

A week long yoga retreat on the west coast of Bali in the name of leaving our busy lives behind and take time for ourselves 




For you and only YOU!

Wanna get away and have all the focus on yourself for a week? All the yoga, all the me time, all the pool time, etc :)

Yoga Classes

Skype Yoga 

- To enhance your at home yoga practice

40 USD/ 60 minutes

Private Yoga Class

 - To get the attention you need to truly progress further in your practice

60 USD/ 60 minutes


Hayley, Australia

Julia has a particular joy to her. She has this calming presence that helps you centre, settle and connect with your breath and your rhythm. In doing so she allows you the opportunity to play with opening or moving that little bit more, helping you to acknowledge the power and strength you have inside you. Her alignment cues and hand on assists are magic, as they allow you to find so much more space within your body and mind. She is an absolute gem, with a giggle of gold. Thank you for holding such a nurturing place to take my practice to another level. It’s a joy coming to that mat with you. 

Jo, UK

I was lucky enough to find Julia after searching for a teacher for a while, I was at a point of giving up doing yoga when Julia taught me in a group session.

I immediately knew she was the teacher for me, the way she taught the class giving informative alignment queues and explaining each pose clearly and concisely.

I immediately booked private classes with her and started the best journey of my life.  18 months later I still follow all the points she gave me and she is constantly in touch with me even though we live so far away from each other.

If you ever get the privilege to take one of Julia’s classes I would strongly recommend to take the opportunity to practise with her. I am forever grateful and blessed to have her as my teacher.

John, USA

Julia's yoga instruction and assistance during my 200 hour yoga teacher training was equally as professional, caring and loving.  Julia has a great deal of respect and love of yoga and it's practice.  Those flawless traits were easily displayed during her instruction and interaction with each and every student.   Her love and caring attitude could be seen in her instructional techniques during class and felt in her firm, yet gentle touch during pose or posture adjustments. She was 100% involved and committed to our training and success.  It was easy to recognize the love, care and attention to our success she had and shared with the instructional team.  After our training concluded, Julia remains in touch, sharing words of wisdom, her friendship and love.  She has been a constant resource for follow up and questions as well.  Julia is a true professional, but one who applies her yoga skills with great love, joy, compassion and gratitude!  She is definitely an amazing and wonderful woman.


Contact Me

Email: juliaruffyoga@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +44 7835 779 218

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